Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toi Uri

On week one of term four Ms Tito introduced us to a new game called ‘Toi Uri’. It’s a fun and exciting game when you have four dots on each side of the field and both teams have to try and get all four dots on top of each other. The aim of the game is to pass the key and use it wisely.

Firstly, to score a dot you have to have one of your team members standing on one of the dots of the opposite teams side once they’ve arrived, try and give them the ball but don’t get too close because there’s a limit between you and the scorer. Also don’t throw it too high or won’t be a score because if the scorer catches it in mid air and then lands on the dot, it’s a no goal.

Next thing you need to know is the key. The key is everything in the game, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’ll find out, The key is the ball, the reason why it’s called the key is because it’s thrown around a lot and to throw it you need to communicate a lot with your team mate.

To find out more about this game, then search it up on google or youtube, it’s your choice. Also the game is called Toi Uri, it’s a maori game that my teacher taught me. It’s really cool and I prefer you to try it out and try to get in the game. Don’t just stand around and be a statue.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

First day of school again, I wake up in the morning nice and fresh. I get to school just in time. I walk in to class ready to pumped into the morning, I was exited about immersion assembly because you never know what the teachers have ready for you. The topic was art attack, when we got inside there where speed painting being shown on the screen and I have to say, the graphics are amazing and the shades are spectacular.

art popplet