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Sir Edmund Hillary

Orientation: Edmund Hillary was born in New Zealand, Auckland, 1919, July 20th. He and his partner Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the summit of mount everest.

Paragraph 1: Sir Ed had a rather lonely and sad life as a child. He was a shy and studious child he loved to work. But in his teenage years on his trip to mount ruapehu he found his love for climbing and he treasured the gift he had. Hillary’s first major climb was at the age of twenty and the mountain that he climbed was mount Ollivier. it was in the southern alps. like I said earlier he likes to study, some of the subjects that he liked were maths and science. he also joined the New Zealand air force during world war ll and suffered a serious burn in a boat accident.

Paragraph 2: Still he was determined to be the first to climb Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain that no one has ever conquered, in 1953 John Hunt led the ninth British expedition to Everest. successfully, the team carved a route South Col and the Khumbu Icefall. after that Hunt’s them was exhausted and turned back and that gave Hillary the chance to conquer the mountain. So Hillary and his partner, Tenzing Norgay, who carried extra oxygen, were the first to summit the 29,029-foot peak on May 29, 1953, at 11:30 am.

Paragraph 3: Hillary and Tenzing Norgay stayed up there for about 15 minutes. they took a few pictures and Norgay dug a hole and filled it with sweets while Hillary buried a crucifix.The conquest of Everest was announced on the eve of Elizabeth coronation, and the new queen knighted Hillary when he returned to Britain.

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After the storm

WALT: Condense the ideas and paraphrase in my own words.

Success Criteria:
I can condense the ideas in the text.
I can paraphrase in my own words by referring to the text.

Read the the story:
After the Storm by Rose Quilter
School Journal Part 2 Number 1, 2011.

Answer the following questions in red:

Referring to the title of the text and image, what do you think the story is about?
three children cleaning up after a storm.
Why were the children worried that the beach was not ‘smashed’?
so that they can play on the beach.
What had the air been described as being? Can you discuss what this may be like.
It was like falling snow and nothing of a heart between beats.
What had the children found at the foot of the tree? What do you think was inside the hole?
They had found a den full of pinecones. a skull that was curved, fluted and needle sharp.
The word ‘structure’ what does it mean?
structure means some sort of design like for e.g: a sand castle is a structure.
What had the children found in this whole, what gave away that this was what they had found?
They found a kitten’s skull. Matthew said it was a kitten’s skull as he turned it in his hand.
Why had dad purposely built his fire at this spot on the beach?
so that is the tide came in they wouldn’t have to move.
Referring to the image what season do you think it is? What gives it away?
winter. The cold weather gives it away.
How do you think the kitten had died?
it must have died of hunger.
How are dad and Matthew describing the kittens life compared to humans and the amount of support that we have?
brothers and sisters. aunties and uncles or father.
The children are planning on decorating the den, what do you think they might do?
They will make it pretty, they’ll put rocks and fan shells, feathers too.
This is a very thoughtful gesture the children are doing for the kitten, what are some other thoughtful gestures?
flowers and pinecones.

Once you have completed reading the text you need to write a summary for the story in your own words.
The boxes below give an idea of how much I would like you to write.

Title: after the storm.
Who was in the story?
Dad, Mum, Matthew, Jessie, Sam

What was the problem in the story?
three children found a dead kitten, all that was left of it was the skull. Jessie was afraid and ran back home, so Sam and Matthew followed. That night, dad built the fire just above the high tide. Jessie said "what a mean cat, the mother left the kitten all alone" she said, and so they kept on talking about the kitten.

How was it solved?
By decorating the den and making it look pretty by putting feathers, rocks and shells. All kinds of things that made Jessie happy and cheerful.

Now write all the information above into a summary of what the story was about.
This story was about three kids finding a den full of pinecones. But when Matthew took the last one out he found something unusual, it was a kittens skull. That afternoon they made a fire just above the high tide. They talked about the skull and this is what they said. "The kitten didn't have a father to look after it, it didn't have a grandma or grandpa. It didn't have two big brothers", said Sam, "or uncles and aunties. you have all those people. so the next day they went to decorate it with fan shells and rocks and feathers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

mosa School Journal Part 2 Number 2, 1995

School Journal Part 2 Number 2, 1995

Fixing the playground by Bob Kerr

WALT: Discuss the text information

Answer the following questions in red:

Where were the children playing after school?
Taiaroa Street playground.
What was wrong with the hoop the children had been playing on?
It kept on falling down.
What suggestions did Lene Make, about what they might need?
Some swings and a slide and a new hoop.
Who is Mr Findlay?
Mr Findlay is there teacher.
What did Mr Findlay suggest the students do?
Ring the city councillor.
Where did Mr Findlay take the students? How did they react to being at such  place?
To the Council offices. They were nervous.
Predict what you think will happen next in the story?
They will talk to a group of people.

Summarise what has happened in the story so far:
The children go to the playground and are disappointed with what's in the park so they talk to a group of people at the Council offices.
How did Penelope react to going into the meeting room?
she was nervous and scared.
Who introduced and welcomed the children?
The Chairman.
What school did the children attend? Where in NZ is this school? (Find out online)
Strathmore park school.
What did the students talk about when the were at the meeting with the chairman?
They talked about the playground why it should be improved.
Did the students have a good argument? Why/why not?
Yes, it was a good argument and it had good statements.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

mosa Lemony Snickett's W6 - School Journal April 2013, Level 2

Ask Eddie, by Andre Ngapo
School Journal April 2013, Level 2

WALT: Make predictions, summarize and analyse a given text.

Answer the following questions in red:

Looking at the image and the title of the text, what do you think the story is about?
People keep on asking Eddie about the powhiri.
Can you predict what is about to happen next?
They are going to do a brainstorm about the powhiri.
Why did you make that prediction?
because I’ve read the story.
Can you point to something in the book that helped you to make that prediction? OR What do you already know that helped you make that prediction?
The text on page 3 helped me.
How do you think Eddie feels about not knowing how to do a powhiri?
He feels bad about it.
What does Manase not know how to do?
Manase doesn’t know how to do the sasa.
Why does Eddie keep his mouth shut as other students begin to call out their ideas?
because he feels bad that he doesn't know the powhiri.
Eddie must be feeling very upset with himself, Are there clues that make us think this?
He shut his mouth when all the other student’s start calling their Ideas out.
What’s going to happen next?
The next week the kaumatua came in.
What must have taken place before the kaumatua came in? Is there

What do you think that (character) meant by ? … felt about

Who comes to visit the children in the afternoon?
The kaumatua
Why does Koro Tu ask lots of questions?
So that he knows if the students know anything about the powhiri
What does Koro Tu mean by keeping your eyes and your ears open?
listen with your eyes and ears.


What is the problem to be solved in this story? Is there a solution?
what is a powhiri. It can be solved by confidence.
Who did what? What makes you think so?
Eddie made a painting that made the koro tu.
What do you wonder about after reading so far?
I wonder if Eddie has gained his confidence.
What is the most important point in this story or passage?
Eddie’s painting


Is there anything you understand in a new way from reading this story?
no there isn’t.
What is something that you understand better after reading this?
be proud of what you are and treasure.
What is confusing about this story or event?  
it is confusing that Eddie is relieved that he wasn’t picked.
Does this book make you think of anything that has happened to you?
There was this time when I was in the air plane and I didn't know how to speak english.
Does this story remind you of anything else you have read?
I think so but i'm not sure.


What things would make everyone like this book?
the way it was written.

The author makes you feel as if you were there by….? (Have a look at the way paragraphs on page 6 have been written)
by talking about the kura and what’s there.
What are the critical points in the plot? How does the story unfold?
Eddie feels confident about his painting.

What ideas (or concepts, of feelings) are most interesting to you?
stage fright, sadness, not knowing your culture.
Why is this?
this is because he doesn't know much about his culture.
What picture comes to your mind when thinking about Eddie showing Miss Marshall his painting?
Will she like or will she not.

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Mosa maths W6













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skills for adolescence

mosa Pickled Thumb Anyone - Geronimo Monday

Looking at the image on the front page, what do you think the story is about?
A pickled thumb.
Referring to the title only, what do you think the story is about?
A pickled thumb in a jar.
What was in the jar, what was the liquid in the jar?
A thumb and the liquid in the jar was pickle juice.
Why do we pickle things in jars? What is the point of it?
To keep it fresh. so you can take care of it.
What did the little girl beg for?
To hear the story.
What did the great grandfather do for a living?
cut of his thumb.
Tell me five about a miner, use the story and research your own facts.
he was desperate. he needed money. he had a good partner.
Why was grandad desperate?
Because he had no money.
Summarise what has happened in the story so far.
The house roof is broken.
Who are the characters in the story that have been introduced to us. Tell me one thing about each character.
Danielle Clarkson. pickled thumb anyone.
What is a ‘precious possession’? What does the girl refer to as being her most ‘precious possession in the story?
The pickled thumb.
What is your most precious possession?
My family.
Create a family tree, you might like to use a Google Drawing, of all of the characters in the story.