Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ways I show empathy at home

I help my brother when he get’s hurt outside, sharing food with my siblings and letting them on my psp. helping them with things like maths problems, spelling things and others. I sometimes help my big sister work in the kitchen. That’s how I show empathy at home.

Monday, August 25, 2014

life ed

In week one of term 3, class 3 attended their first session in the life education caravan to learn about what decisions we should make in life. We mainly learnt about drugs and which ones are good and which ones are bad. We also learnt what it does to us.

The body needs a lot of protein’s to work properly. it’s most fragile state is in puberty when there is a lot of stress on the body. In the life ed caravan we found out that that when you take drugs, it slows down the neurons which makes your body think slow like for e.g: there’s a man at the pedestrian and you see him so you slow and get ready to stop but that message hasn’t yet reached the brain so you keep going and by the time you stop, the man has already been hit.

We learnt that in life there are a lot of hard decisions that we come across like following your freinds and doing bad things like drugs and alcohol. If your friends start drugs then it’s best to stay away from them or else you’ll get addicted or they might hurt you one day. The best thing is to not choose drugs and have fun with your family, or end up in jail and have a miserable life.

The brain is very fragile in puberty and there’s a lot of pressure on you. drugs affect the brain by slowing down messages, making you angry, you feel emotional and changes your behavior. you sometimes forget who you are or laugh at stupid things. If you hurt yourself then you wouldn’t sense anything but later you’d feel the pain.

Conclusion: In life ed we learned something that goes like this: drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs. james was a boy who died from drinking one whole bottle of kings. In the third session we learned that sometimes someone offers you something but you don’t know what it is so you eat it instead of using your sense’s to try and find out what it is.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Commonwealth Games Explanation

The Commonwealth games is a  competition that only Commonwealth countries can compete in. Commonwealth countries are the countries that used to be ruled by the British empire.There are 53 countries in the commonwealth games. The first Commonwealth games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada.

The Commonwealth had lots of names, in 1950 the games were known as British empire games, then it was called the British Empire and Commonwealth Games,then the British Commonwealth Games. Then in 1978, the games were held in Edmonton, Canada. That’s when they changed the name to Commonwealth Games.

Every four years, the place’s where it’s held change’s. They choose were it's held by having a vote. In 2018 it will be held in Australia’s gold coast. It’s going to be amazing and I hope I can also go their and watch the show. The Commonwealth Games for 2014 are coming to an end and I have enjoyed watching it online with my brothers.

100th anniversary of WW1

Today is Monday the 4th of august 2014, it is the 100th anniversary of WW1 and you might notice that there are flags at police stations, fire stations and other places have their flag up half way.
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