Friday, August 23, 2013

basket ball training

For the past few weeks room 19 has been doing basket ball. Thursday's are the days we go, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it's cloudy and sometimes it's nice and cool. Basket ball isn't one of my favourite sports, I just like playing it.

There's two reason's I hate basket ball, first of all I hate it cause I always fail. Second of all I get bumped off. I don't know why everyone else is better than me.

And at the of the lesson, if we have time we have a game. Anyway my name is Mosa and I hope you enjoyed and this is the end of my story.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The movie that I think is the best is Raihan’s movie. The main character was the girl and did you notice something about the girl that changed halfway through the movie. There were five characters in the movie. Raihan as the villain, Nathaniel as the boy in love, Jonathan as the boys friend, Roman as the guard and most important the girl.

Raihan as the villain liked being the villain but when it came to the part when he die I don’t think he liked it. Being the girl was annoying and I think you'd feel the same. Anyway here’s the movie enjoy. Click on the link below.