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mosa animal Information report writing template

1. Introduction

deathstalker scorpion is one of the most deadliest scorpions in the world. The scientific name is Leiurus quinquestriatus. it is known for it’s violent venom. it’s is the main weapon that is most powerful when engaged in it’s prey, you might get a chance to get away from the scorpion but once it bites you there’s no going back.

2.offensive weapons
This is where the Stalkers secret weapon comes in, there is a catch, once it bites it’s prey, it paralyzes one part of the prey’s body so that the prey doesn’t get away. this is something deadly and important about scorpions, the smaller the pincher the deadlier the venom. the deathstalker is about 4 inches long.

3. diet and what it eats
The main diet of the deathstalker scorpion is crickets, that is if it’s a wild scorpion. Scorpions rather prefer fresh food than the one’s that are already dead. They eat grasshoppers, earthworms and other insects. It sounds disgusting but for them it’s nutritious, delicious and acutamata.
4. behaviour and habitat
You will most likely find the deathstalker scorpion in the middle east and north africa. They are also found in Egypt and Algeria. scorpion’s are able to copup any new changes in their surroundings. What is most important is that if you go past or near it’s habitat, it won’t give you a warning or some kind of sign to get out of my property, it will just just attack you with it’s venomous pincher.

5. A concluding paragraph
So now that you know about the deathstalker scorpion you will know what to do. therefore,  remember If you see a tiny little hole or a den then don’t go close, turn around and walk away and most importantly don’t get all nosy and curious because if you're thinking of putting your hand in, think before you do it because a scorpion just might happen to be around somewhere in the area and might feel treating as a defensive measure retaliate and sting you to death.

mosa Ramadan Coming By Marita Vandenberg School Journal August 2013, Level 2

Ramadan Coming
By Marita Vandenberg
School Journal August 2013, Level 2

WALT:Discuss the text information

Success Criteria: I can discuss the text information

Answer the following questions in red:

Prepare for reading by finding out what the students already know about worship
and religious practice, and specifically about Muslims and/or the Islamic religion.
ask questions to elicit the students’ connections with the text.

Referring to the image and title of the text, what do you think this article is about?
It is about a boy by the name of Obay. he explains what ramadan is and why they do it.
Why is Obay's mother shaking him in the morning?
Because it’s 6 a.m. and it’s time for Fajr. Fajr is the morning prayer and Obay get up and pray and meet with his brothers.
What is Fajr?
Fajr is the morning prayer, it is one of the five prayers of the day.
Where have Obay’s family come from? What is their reasoning for moving?
They have come from Saudi Arabia. Obay’s parents came to study at university.
Where is the article set?
New Zealand,wellington
What do you know about Muslim people or the Islamic religion?
They pray five times a day and they eat a special kind of food which is called halal meat
What do you want to know (or think you will learn) from this article?
I will learn that you should be proud of who you are and where you come from because that doesn't change you
What do you know about the different ways people pray?
Muslims pray on a mate and it takes longer, and christians pray by putting there hands together and then say amen after they're finished.
If you are not Muslim, do Obay’s actions remind you of anything? What would be
similar in your life? What would be different?
It reminds me of my cousins in pakistan and they always get money from their father.

The boys are living in New Zealand, why might the boys “fall behind with their Arabic”?
because now that they're in new zealand, they’ll always be speaking english so they need a way to remember their language.
Why might it be hard for the brothers to learn English?
because they're new to New Zealand and it’s hard to learn a new language.
Have you ever memorised something? What was it, and how did you memorise it?
yes, it was in the Qu’ran and I memorised it by reading it over and over again to memorise it.
What questions do you have about this part of the article?
what is the purpose for memorising it. will it help you in the future.
If Miss Clark went to live in Saudi Arabia, she would find it very challenging to learn Arabic. She would feel very shy if she wasn’t sure what people were saying and get
lost if by not being able to read street signs.
She wouldn’t make herself useful at all, she would have to learn the language in the country to know what people were saying.
Have you had experience of moving to a place with a different language? If not,
what do you imagine it would be like? How does imaging (visualising) help you
understand how Obay and his family might feel?
I have experienced it, it was in pakistan, I didn’t feel any worse because my uncle knew english but even though. I still heard a lot of pasto and magically, just in two weeks I learnt pasto.

How long does Ramadan last? How did you work that out?
Ramadan last’s for a whole month. I got that from the text in the book.
How can you find out about the Islamic calendar?
by searching it up on the internet or by buying from a islamic store.
How does Ramadan compare with other special times you know?
easter, christmas, new year, april fools.
Why do you think Muslim’s show thanks by giving to poor people?
because they care for them and they want to help them.
Why would rice and dates be given? What do you know about the foods eaten in
Arab countries?
it is halal and mostly meat. The rice taste nice but the water is dirty.
What foods could be used in New Zealand?
rice and meat. dates. mostly every product in arab countries.