Monday, November 11, 2013

moari assessment

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

kua hui mai nei
(Who) have gathered here

ki tenei wahi
To this place

ki te ako I te reo Maori
To learn the Maori language

i nga whakaaro pai
The Good thoughts

Ka nui te hari
Great is the joy

mo to koutou kaha
For your support

ki te haere mai
In coming

ki te ako
To learn

i te reo Maori
The Maori language

e pa ana ki tenei wananga
Concerning this school of learning

The Whisperer

One rainy night Alex was getting tucked in by his mum but as soon as his mum closed the door, Alex was out of his bed jumping around and playing with his toys. “Alex, is that you making all that racket”. Mum came through the door really frustrated  and her son ” Alex it’s way past your bedtime and if you don’t go to sleep the whisperer will come and get you”.

“Who’s the whisperer” Alex asked. “ You don’t know the story of the whisperer” mum told him sternly, Ok then I tell you the story, And so she told him the story. The whisperer is a man that always lurks around this street and wants scare and eat little children that don’t go to sleep at night. And soon as alex that story he was back in his bed.

But then he woke up again because he hear whispering and that was not a good sign. He quickly ran to his mum’s room but she wasn’t there so he ran down stairs and as he went further down he could hear the whispering getting closer and closer and then he ended up in the kitchen, he and saw an unbelievable sight, it was the whisperer. And no one ever heard of him again muahahahahahahahaaaaaa.

Friday, November 1, 2013

a very strange story

I looked at the paper in my hand and checked the wooden half broken letterbox. Number 22. Here goes nothing”I mumbled under my breath . I walked up the cracked path with dead rat bones on the side of the door and knocked on the sturdy door. It slowly creeped open making a creepy sound that went cccccrrrrrrrrr. I held out the note without saying a word. I slowly stepped forward . I was so scared I wanted to call my mummy. Suddenly the envelope started to get heavier and heavier until I finally dropped it and it fell through the floor. As I looked down into the basement I saw a very unusual site and felt a near faint. It was a dead body.

my embarrassing first day at school

As we walked down the corridor I was scared. Holding my dad’s hand tightly I wondered, “Will I make it out alive?”  It was my first day of school and the class I was in was in room 4. There were more better experienced students in that class and I didn’t know why my dad put me in that class. The problem was that I didn’t know how to write so I just sat there looking at my book, feeling nervous and shaking with apprehension.

Meanwhile the other students were making a lot of noise. Suddenly the teacher yelled out, ”Quiet!  Can’t you see we have a new student in the class”. Everyone looked at me and there was silence in the class for a moment.With everyone looking at me I stuttered, ”Ye Yeah I ca can’t wo wo work with all of you sh shouting.”  I felt so embarrassed after that and I was shyer than ever.