Friday, March 23, 2012

pirates story

Aremehates I am pirate mosa brave pirate of the seven seas.I go over many many seas searching for thresher chests.After I find it I go back to me ship and sale of me hide out were I keep all me thresher safe.
But sometimes when I find the thresher and I sale of to me hide out,some other pirates are looking for the thresher chest so I tell me crew to fight them.Fire the canines get your sords and ya guns,perteck the thresher don’t let the get away with it.But they always fail and I me self get the thresher,but I always give some to me crew.
And that's why you see books about pirates.One day,up ahead of me was my only chance of was the greatest pirate that ever lived.It was the octopus crew.My enemy of death.I had no chance but to the there crew.And that day was the day of when the war started between me and octopus man.The war had just began.
One day past,and me crew were ready for the fight.At sun set,I lifted up the uncker and saled to word's them.There ship did nothing but just stand there.So I stoped me ship and waited.And then I scream of someone being killed.I rushed down to the bottom floor of me ship and I saw his crew.I shouted out loud,attaaaaaaaaack.I rushed up to the top floor and there I saw him the captian of the octopus crew.I had nothing to do but to fight him,I gave him a lift and a right but it was no yous. He was too powerful then before.But then I got an Idea,I waited for me crew to defeat his crew.When me crew defeated his crew,all of me fazed him with me.And from that day no more ships attacked us.and was the happy ending.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben Carson

When we got there,I was so excited.It was a very hot day,you could cook a egg on a piece of bread and then eat it.When I got in there were lots and lots and lots of seats,just like the movies.        
When every person was seated this man went on the stage,for a seck,I thought he Ben Carson,but he wasn’t.He was a man that was going to tell us a fanny story,about his life.And it was fanny alright.
Even Ben Carson said some things about himself too.he yous to chuck rocks at cars.He said some things about all the operations he had did in his life.When it all finished and we were on our way to the bus,we got one apple and one up & go.
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