Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Alive

Our teacher said that we could go and look at some art movies on the class site. The first video that I saw was the 3D side walk paintings. Then I looked at the spray can painting. The first video show a very talented artist. It had lots of 3D paintings like saving someone. When I was watching the spray can artist at first I didn't know what he was painting but then I realised. He was painting planet earth and the out line is a river on an unknown planet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainbow Springs

On the first day of the holidays we were on our way to Rotorua to see Rainbow Springs.It was a long drive and my brothers were asleep’so I just played on my psp.when we got there I turned of my psp and went inside.

When we got inside there was a man that said before you go in I have to take a picture of you. we saw a lot of things.I like the big splash and the gift shop.I had great day there and I may go there again.


When we got to the pools I went to the male changing room. When I went to sit on the bench next to the pool I suddenly realised that I forgot my goggles! So I rushed down to the male changing room again. I got my goggles went back sat on the bench put goggles on and then hopped into the water and did a bit of a swim and then hopped out. After that I went back in and we did some back strokes and stuff like that. At the end we did a  breathing competition. I had a great time there!