Friday, April 12, 2013

fiafia practice

For fiafia I am in the bollywood salsa. bollywood salsa is a indian dance. The people that teach us are mrs khan and mrs lowe. For the past 5 weeks we have been practicing our actions by hard in the right order.

It has been fun but we sometimes hit someone in the face on accident.

hope you enjoyed my story.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

        zombie town
It was a dark saturday night, me and roman were at the movies. We were watching paranormal 4. The movie was just about to finish when suddenly all the lights went out and the screen went dead. So we suggested we should just go home. Besides, romen was sleeping at my house tonight so it wouldn’t be that scary to walk home.

When we went past the encounter, no one was there. When we were heading towards the exit, outside the glass door was a hole town of zombies and I don’t know why but me and romen looked up at the sky and from behind the clouds came the full moon, I looked at romen and he didn’t look good. He said (run”run as fast as your legs can carry you) I run for the back door and took the shortcut that takes you through a graveyard.

When I went past the gate I looked back. There were no zombies but when I turned round I saw two lights that were getting closer and closer.So I ran towards it thinking that it might be people, as I got closer it apeered to be a car. Coming straight towards me,It hit me up in the air and I fell to the ground dead. The zombies came and gave me the infection I raised and went to my leader and the leader was roman. He had changed into a werewolf.

 the end

Friday, April 5, 2013

yesterday room 19 joined room 12 for Triathlon.They had there swimming togs but unfortunately we didn’t have our togs so we just had to get wet. But I didn’t get wet because I had an Idea. But I did get a little wet.
We have to slide 4 times.Then from there we go to transition to change and go around the hole field once then run the whole field. I came first in the first round then in the 2 round I came 2.