Monday, December 16, 2013

farewell super year

It is nearly the end of the year and I'm really looking forward to next year but there's one thing that I'm sad about and that's saying goodbye to all my friend's. The person I'm going to miss the most is Raihan because he's a year 8 and he's going to be leaving soon. The reason why I'm going to miss him the most is because he's my best friend.

At least I have Anthony with me next year because he's quite a cool kid to hang around with But wait, I almost forgot. He's not going to be here next year either because he's moving.  Farewell to those two friends. I still have lots of other friend's to play with.

I'm really going to miss Ms Tito because she's been a really helpful teacher this year. I'm really thankful to all the things she's done for me. I wish she could be my teacher forever. I hope it comes true because she's a very kind teacher.

For next year I hope I get in room 21 because that class sounds like a class I can cope with. I hope Sonny will be in my class, me and Sonny are a great team. I Sure am looking forward to next year.

This year has been fantastic, at the beginning of the year I made some pretty cool and funny videos. My first video was probably the best, Sometimes I got growled and sometimes I was a good noodle. I really loved this year and it never could have been better without a teacher like Ms Tito.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This year school has been really challenging and tough getting my writing done to the end of the deadline. I have really enjoyed doing maths and maths related games, e.g.  maths whizz, even though I take long in answering the questions, I think I'm pretty good at it and I'm proud of myself. What I have enjoyed this year the most was doing a lot of sport related activities because I just love sports and taking part in the school production this year!! The goals I have achieved was keeping up with my literacy work and participating in lots of sports and have been a great encouraging friend. The idea of working on net books is a great way of learning about the world and also working on your academic subjects too, it is also a fun way of learning online and helps me work a lot better. I think this year for me was a fantastic and a fun environment of learning in it. Ms T has been great and has helped me  a lot in maths and is a supportive teacher. My goals for next year will be the following:

  • Getting better at writing fantastic story's and faster at it too.
  • And to improve my soccer skills.
  • Become a great mathematician.
  • Also to take part in class discussions.
This year being a yr 7 was a great experience for me, and this experience will help me a lot next year as a yr 8 and I am looking forward to it and I will try my hardest to achieve my goals. SO BRING IT ON YR 8!!!

action world

  Last Friday, all of the year seven's went on a trip to action world in Henderson west Auckland. It was a great opportunity for experience on high things. I had a whole day of fun and as fell asleep the night before the trip, had a bit of trouble sleeping because I was too exited.

By the way, did I mention that while we were at action world. The year eight's were at camp. Anyway back to the story, to get to Henderson was a long drive and we were at Pt England when we first got on the bus. But when we got of the bus, that's when the pizazz start's. at first it looked small but then it got bigger and bigger.

Room 19 which was the class that I was in, went to the rock climbing as there first one. Our second one was the crazy ladder, then the jungle Jim and then the jump n slide. After we did all four challenges we had lunch then they put up too more challenges. The was a man told us about the free time. when he finished, we all went on what ever we wanted. Oh and the two new challenges were trap-eze and fighting bridge. Then it was soon all over and went tiredly.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was man who cared for people and loved to help many in need. Nelson Mandela was sent to jail for 27 years because of his believes. He believed that the world should be equal and that he could make the world a better place.

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in a village by the name of Mveso. His father Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa. Colonial authorities deprived Nelson Mandela's father of his chief status and moved his family to Qunu.

Mandela's arrest happened in 1962 and was sent to court, He was sentenced to 27 years. While Mandela was in jail He still had faith on the people because while Nelson Mandela was in jail, He was being supported by the people.

Monday, November 11, 2013

moari assessment

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

kua hui mai nei
(Who) have gathered here

ki tenei wahi
To this place

ki te ako I te reo Maori
To learn the Maori language

i nga whakaaro pai
The Good thoughts

Ka nui te hari
Great is the joy

mo to koutou kaha
For your support

ki te haere mai
In coming

ki te ako
To learn

i te reo Maori
The Maori language

e pa ana ki tenei wananga
Concerning this school of learning

The Whisperer

One rainy night Alex was getting tucked in by his mum but as soon as his mum closed the door, Alex was out of his bed jumping around and playing with his toys. “Alex, is that you making all that racket”. Mum came through the door really frustrated  and her son ” Alex it’s way past your bedtime and if you don’t go to sleep the whisperer will come and get you”.

“Who’s the whisperer” Alex asked. “ You don’t know the story of the whisperer” mum told him sternly, Ok then I tell you the story, And so she told him the story. The whisperer is a man that always lurks around this street and wants scare and eat little children that don’t go to sleep at night. And soon as alex that story he was back in his bed.

But then he woke up again because he hear whispering and that was not a good sign. He quickly ran to his mum’s room but she wasn’t there so he ran down stairs and as he went further down he could hear the whispering getting closer and closer and then he ended up in the kitchen, he and saw an unbelievable sight, it was the whisperer. And no one ever heard of him again muahahahahahahahaaaaaa.

Friday, November 1, 2013

a very strange story

I looked at the paper in my hand and checked the wooden half broken letterbox. Number 22. Here goes nothing”I mumbled under my breath . I walked up the cracked path with dead rat bones on the side of the door and knocked on the sturdy door. It slowly creeped open making a creepy sound that went cccccrrrrrrrrr. I held out the note without saying a word. I slowly stepped forward . I was so scared I wanted to call my mummy. Suddenly the envelope started to get heavier and heavier until I finally dropped it and it fell through the floor. As I looked down into the basement I saw a very unusual site and felt a near faint. It was a dead body.

my embarrassing first day at school

As we walked down the corridor I was scared. Holding my dad’s hand tightly I wondered, “Will I make it out alive?”  It was my first day of school and the class I was in was in room 4. There were more better experienced students in that class and I didn’t know why my dad put me in that class. The problem was that I didn’t know how to write so I just sat there looking at my book, feeling nervous and shaking with apprehension.

Meanwhile the other students were making a lot of noise. Suddenly the teacher yelled out, ”Quiet!  Can’t you see we have a new student in the class”. Everyone looked at me and there was silence in the class for a moment.With everyone looking at me I stuttered, ”Ye Yeah I ca can’t wo wo work with all of you sh shouting.”  I felt so embarrassed after that and I was shyer than ever.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mosa storyboard

Mosa climbs up the ladder then he jumps of. And then I turn in to sonny.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Australian forest fires continue

Some of the most worst fires have struck Australia’s forests.

The fires have been spreading since last week. Fire fighters pray that the condition will get better. Temperatures increase as winds come closer to Sydney.

In the blue mountains, west of sydney. 200 homes were destroyed and 109 by friday.

Bush fires are mostly in australia, But not in this time of the year.

Fire teams are fighting their way through thousands of Fires.   

One man has died while saving his house from fire.      

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Trip To Hunua Ranges

Hunua ranges is the best place I went to in the holidays. My dad bought some food from an indian shop and it smelt pretty good. Once we finally arrived at the picnic grounds I quickly got out of the car feeling free cause believe me the ride was awful and bumpy. We knew the place very well cause it was the 11th time we have been there.

So me and my brother Adam jumped across the small river but Adam was wearing heeled shoes so I had to help him but he managed it. Guess what we found, well we found a blueberry bush. We left from the place quickly cause my dad was calling us to come and eat, and when we got back, there was a pleasant site. We were eating chicken tandoori and plus it was a fine day.

here are some of the goals I could achieve.

make my sentences longer.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Adventures Of Geronimo And Friends

Hello dear readers today I am going to write a narrative about something amazing and it all started like this exactly like this. Me and my brothers and sisters and the star and brains of the team Geronimo Stilton, oh and I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is Moosa, Moosa Khan. Also my sisters Haji and Aisha . Don't forget the brothers, Haron and Adam . And finally the moment you've all been waiting for Geronimo Stilton.

If you don't know what Geronimo Stilton looks like then here's a picture of him.

Anyway back to the story, there we were in the forest dodging the trees trying to escape a huge tsunami and since I actually had experienced near death. I was running like the wind not wanting to lose my life at such a young age but even though Geronimo was old, he was a bit faster. Finally we gave up and got scooped up by the tsunami like cheese ice cream on a cheddar cone. fortunately we some how survived the deadly tsunami.

Haji sternly said," What is this?" and then slapped her mouth shut. Haron said" How did you just talk. It appears to be a hologram", Geronimo said.

"Of course I knew that" said trap, "Where did you come from" I said. "Um, I am just a ghost ooh"," trap we know it's you" said Geronimo. "We'll then why didn't you notice us earlier", "wait  did you just say us, all right what's going on here. I think there's more to this than meet's the eye said Haji. Then Geronimo spotted something. "So that's were the diagram came from I said in surprise. suddenly we felt a cool breeze in the air and for some reason it became dark. Adam turned around and then looked at us, "what is it"said Haron. "I think we should start running" Adam said, " Why" I asked. Turn around". Roaaaar. We all fell to the ground but got back on our feet. Meanwhile while me, Haron and Adam were blasting the beast with our laser guns, Geronimo was asking trap what was going on and who else came with him. He answered straight away because he was all ready going to die anyway. Aisha was surprised  with the answers trap gave them, after a while we finally defeated the terrible beast, we didn't know what it was but it looked like a cat dressed in a pirate suit.

We'll isn't that strange, There are pirate cats on this island!!! shouted Geronimo. "Why are such a fraidy mouse germister trap said, "My name is geronimo. "Calm down we geronimo it's not like the end of the world or something said Haron. Wait a minute there's something missing trap Aisha said. "Where are the others, we all know you didn't come her alone. "OK your on to me, I came her with Thea and Benjamin. What!!!, shouted geronimo in disgrace. You know how much I love my little Benjamin. Yeah about that, They've been captured by the pirates. "nooooooo" shrieked geronimo. Don't worry geronimo we'll help you get them", we all said in unison, "Really, thanks guy's. But one thing bothers me, how are we going to get in, aren't we saposed to have a plan. hmm he does have a point But.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Silas Lorenzo & Mosa's If I Were Black

My name is Omar. The year was 1963 and we are here in Washington D.C. marching to make things equal between the black and white people. When we reached the Lincoln Memorial the march was over. Everyone gathered round eager to hear what Martin Luther King had to say

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream,”Martin Luther King’s voice was loud and clear speaking out to the crowd of thousands. He was very inspiring.

mosa Movie Making Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The things I enjoyed was watching Roman getting knocked out.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like.
everything that was pretty good so I don’t have to say anything about this.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
the hair problem

White Hat - What did I learn.

to stay with the flow.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
the thing I can do better next time is the angle shots.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ouranosaurus is one of the dinosaurs found in the Sahara Desert. The name's meaning, brave (monitor)lizard. its an unusual genus of herbivorous iguanodont dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous ( late Aptian stage). Ouranosaurus measures to up to seven to eight meters long.Two rather complete fossils were found in the Echkar\El Rhaz formation. The animal was named in 1976 by French paleontologist Philippe Taquet. The type species being Ouranosaurus Nigerians.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainbow Warrior bombing

July 10th 1985 there was a party going on in the Rainbow Warrior. Meanwhile Frenchmen in a zodiac boat wearing scuba gear dove stealthily into the water and swam to the bottom of the ship. Secretly they put limpet bombs on the side of the Rainbow Warrior then swam away.

Inside the ship was a huge bang so someone went to check the engine. Surprisingly the place was filling with water. They thought another boat had  hit them but they weren't sure. Then another bomb exploded. Suddenly the captain started shouting, “ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP!”  Everyone was off the boat  but unfortunately one died, and his name was Fernando Pereira, He was a portuguese photographer. He had a daughter and a son.

The two spies got arrested and got sentenced to ten years, the French government wanted them in their prison but the NZ government said no. So the French government said that if you don’t give them to us to put in our prison we will stop buying your products. So they gave them the prisoners but they didn’t keep them in prison for ten years they kept them in the prison for two years and when they got out the people of France treated them like heroes.

If you are wondering why the french bombed the Rainbow Warrior than your just about find out. This is how it all started, as you might know greenpeace (Rainbow Warrior) were going to to protest in french polynesia for nuclear testing. So the french wanted to stop them, so they bombed the Rainbow Warrior.

Friday, August 23, 2013

basket ball training

For the past few weeks room 19 has been doing basket ball. Thursday's are the days we go, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it's cloudy and sometimes it's nice and cool. Basket ball isn't one of my favourite sports, I just like playing it.

There's two reason's I hate basket ball, first of all I hate it cause I always fail. Second of all I get bumped off. I don't know why everyone else is better than me.

And at the of the lesson, if we have time we have a game. Anyway my name is Mosa and I hope you enjoyed and this is the end of my story.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The movie that I think is the best is Raihan’s movie. The main character was the girl and did you notice something about the girl that changed halfway through the movie. There were five characters in the movie. Raihan as the villain, Nathaniel as the boy in love, Jonathan as the boys friend, Roman as the guard and most important the girl.

Raihan as the villain liked being the villain but when it came to the part when he die I don’t think he liked it. Being the girl was annoying and I think you'd feel the same. Anyway here’s the movie enjoy. Click on the link below.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Once upon a time there was a boy who stole a lot of things. But he wasn’t just a thief he was a evil spirit too. Deep in the forest Mother bear is preparing breakfast for her family.“OWWW my porridge is too hot’ said baby bear “lets go for a walk” said father bear. When there going out Goldstar saw them walk out. “There’s my chance” explains Goldstar. He crept in, closed the door and started snooped around the house looking for a safe, instead he found 3 bowls of porridge. He ate a bowl and leaves the other 2 bowls.

But what he didn’t realize was that there was another touch of ingredients. There were worms and tree bark was also added. He quickly spat it out when he felt the worms wriggling around in his mouth. Then he decides to go down stairs and found three beds. He forgot about the three beds and kept looking and suddenly he tripped on a toy and a closet opened. When he looked at the toy it hadn’t moved a bit it just went down slowly he went to examine the suspiciously he pulled it and looked under. Theres a lever here and I’ve found the safe,he said so he quickly stole what he could and then he broke two beds. he heard a knock at the door and quickly jumped out the window and lived happily ever after and he never stoled anything again.

the end

Friday, June 28, 2013

Anthony, Raihan and Mosa Movie Trailer

Anthony, Raihan and Mosa trailor from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Movie Making Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The things that I mostly was enjoyed was being the teacher. It was hard to hid my smile but I could work with it.

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like.
The things I hated. There was nothing that I hated in our movie, the only thing that I might hate is getting embarrassed.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
The thing that must of been interesting was putting the music and the voice over to getter. It sounds so cool.

White Hat - What did I learn.
what did I learn. The thing that I learnt was how to make a trailer.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
not spring my ankle

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mosa movie trailer

Raihan standing at the door with bag on late to class. mid shot
His last chance not to be late(text)
Jumping over the can and fails action shot. climb his way out of things (text)

full body shot climbing over the fence fails gets up slaps his head looks at the open gate. runs to class teacher points to the side of him.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

rugby league skills

For the past few weeks room 19 has been taking league practices. We have been practising pass's little kicks and high kicks. some people nearly got hit in the head league is fun I think and the reason why I use the word think is because in league sometimes if it rains you get all muddy. What I mean is that were not pigs that we play in mud. So when you see a rugby ball get it and injoy your self.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MHKR (My Healthy Kitchen Rules)

Here I am in the finals of MHKR. It’s Mosa and Kori lee against Ashlee and Sophia. Kori and Mosa are cooking veggie burgers with salad and couscous. Ashlee and Sophia are cooking shrimp salad with african spices. Mosa and Kori put some tomato and salad with a little glimpse of lemon in the veggie burgers. Then they put in some chopped up cloves and then their veggie burger is finished. Ashlee and Sophia are now preparing their dish. They start by cooking the shrimp, while Ashlee was cooking the Shrimp, Sophia started on the Salad, she cut up onion, some cucumber, radish and african spices then suddenly both teams find themselves with one minute left on the clock. The teams start plating up, both teams are finishing off their dishes just as the clock hits zero. They’ve done it, now it’s the Chef’s turn to taste.  

The Chef prefered Mosa and Kori’s Veggie Burgers because they had created a beautiful and healthy dish.

Thanks to kori for helping me work on this.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

fun run

On Tuesday's room 19 goes down to the bottom field to run. The run is 1 km long and me and Jonathan are improving quite quickly. Last time I ran it was 5 min 15 sec. This Tuesday I got 4 min 16 sec. That's a really great improvement.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


carbohydrates are sugars and starches found in our bread,fruits,vegetables and cereal.
then our body changes the carbs into glucose. it helps us get lots of energy.

Friday, May 17, 2013

where I'm at on maths whizz

on maths whizz I'm at an excellent level and am at the top of my class on my maths whizz. My usage is 1 hour 31 minutes. I've gone up to my daily usage and can't do any more tutoring.but I can still do replay.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Thursday Pt England School were having a special guest come over to our school to give us a present. At first we didn't know who it was until Mr Burt gave us some clues. They were very easy and in no time we figured it out, it was Will.I.Am.

The hip hop group went up on stage and performed for Will.I.Am. When they were finished he took the microphone and said a little speech. First he talked about his life then he spoke about how he wants to make our future better.

I bet by now you're wondering what the present was, some of you may have heard. It was...

one hundred thousand dollars... 

But the money wasn't just for our school, it was for all the schools in the area.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

first Reading Reflection

TITLE: save the white whale
AUTHOR: Scholastic
Pages  finished
SUMMARIZE:“This book is about a mouse that has a crush on a mouse that's called petunia pretty paws. Then geronimo Stilton gets an idea of going to the beach

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what my friends think about me

Last term we got paper and put it on our back. We went around writing on each others backs.Your not aloud to look at your paper till the game is finished

Some of the things someone said about me was I am fast. I think they may have said that because I run a lot and am very flexible.

Someone said some funny things about me like you have cute eyes and I like your eye lashes. I think i have cute eye lashes and eyes too.

when somebody said I'm pretty I don't think they meant that because I think I'm ugly.

It was fun writing on peoples backs. But when the moment of truth came it got really fun. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

spiders are friends

Once upon time there was a prophet peace be upon him chased by non believer, his companion sheltered him in a cave in arabia.the spiders waved a web in the entrance of the cave.
 soon after that the non believers search suspected that he may be hiding in the cave but when they noticed the spider web they left because they taught no one was there that's why it is not allowed to kill spiders.
tradition of prophet.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

fiafia practice

For fiafia I am in the bollywood salsa. bollywood salsa is a indian dance. The people that teach us are mrs khan and mrs lowe. For the past 5 weeks we have been practicing our actions by hard in the right order.

It has been fun but we sometimes hit someone in the face on accident.

hope you enjoyed my story.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

        zombie town
It was a dark saturday night, me and roman were at the movies. We were watching paranormal 4. The movie was just about to finish when suddenly all the lights went out and the screen went dead. So we suggested we should just go home. Besides, romen was sleeping at my house tonight so it wouldn’t be that scary to walk home.

When we went past the encounter, no one was there. When we were heading towards the exit, outside the glass door was a hole town of zombies and I don’t know why but me and romen looked up at the sky and from behind the clouds came the full moon, I looked at romen and he didn’t look good. He said (run”run as fast as your legs can carry you) I run for the back door and took the shortcut that takes you through a graveyard.

When I went past the gate I looked back. There were no zombies but when I turned round I saw two lights that were getting closer and closer.So I ran towards it thinking that it might be people, as I got closer it apeered to be a car. Coming straight towards me,It hit me up in the air and I fell to the ground dead. The zombies came and gave me the infection I raised and went to my leader and the leader was roman. He had changed into a werewolf.

 the end

Friday, April 5, 2013

yesterday room 19 joined room 12 for Triathlon.They had there swimming togs but unfortunately we didn’t have our togs so we just had to get wet. But I didn’t get wet because I had an Idea. But I did get a little wet.
We have to slide 4 times.Then from there we go to transition to change and go around the hole field once then run the whole field. I came first in the first round then in the 2 round I came 2.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

weaving harakeke(flax)

Last week, room 19 walked to Omaru creek to pick some harakeke(flax). And it sounded like fun. Its not far from here,it only looks like a short walk.
When we got there,there were lots of harakeke bushes, I didn’t know where to start. We sat down on a dig blue mat. Then Ms Tito gave us some instructions for how to cut the flax and which places to cut.
Ms Tito gave some students a knife and the others had to wait for them to come back. We walked back to school and went to the street. In the street we started to weave the flax. Ms Tito showed us how to weave it but it was hard.
After we finished we went back inside and had lunch.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

dreams come true

                                  dreams come true

There was once a boy, a boy with most thoughtful ideas,but the only problem was that they were all in his dream and most people think that dreams never come true.But the boy thought not and wanted to prove to the people of the valley that dreams come true.The boys biggest dream was a hover board energized by the most beautiful stone on earth. Blue lightning stone and that only stone was on the highest and most deadliest mountain of all time.But its harder than it looks,he has to get past all the deadliest mountain animals on earth.

 To Be Continued......

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being ninjas at the picnic

On Friday, all of point England went to point England reserve. It's usually called picnic. When we got there.

Me Raihan, Anthony, Shahal and Carlos got some air and by that, I mean free running. There were judges too, the first judge was Carlos, then Anthony and then Raihan. Me and Shahal were the winners.

After that we played in the sand and I made some sand eggs. Others were bigger. So I tried making some bigger ones, but they kept on breaking, I threw them into the water watching them break into little pieces.

Me and raihan were walking on the beach. I found some shells and then I got an idea. I put a stick into the ground and then me and Raihan started to flick the shells and hit the stick, and then we went home.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning About Honesty

What is Honesty? This year Pt England school is learning to be “Better Together”- “Kia pai te kotahi.” In Room 19 we have been investigating love, compassion, honesty and tolerance. Ms Tito (our teacher) gave us a task to select one of these words to write a definition and present an example of what it means to our class. The reason we are learning about these things are to help us understand ourselves and others, so we can be a better person today and in the future.

My group chose the word Honesty. Heres a definition and an example of what it looks like.

Definition: Honesty means being truthful to others, being truthful to yourself, doing what's right and being someone that others could trust.

Pictures about honesty.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I am poem

I am roller skater
that loves to do tricks.

I am a great runner
who never stops in a races.

I am a soccer player
who knows lots of skills.

I am brother
that gets angry sometimes.

I am a great climber
who keeps his balance.

I am a boy
that loves sports.

about me

Hello I'm Mosa,Mosa khan.I am 11 years old and my birthday is on November the 26.
I am a very sporty kid and love to Rollerblade.
The school that I go to is called pt England school. I am a year 7 and I'm proud of it.
My favourite subject is writing and reading.
I am interested in